Why Have Two Wedding Photographers?

Your wedding is a hugely important day in your life. You want this day to be captured in it’s entirety so you can look back, relive and remember your special day.

I get lots of enquiries and questions about adding a second photographer to a wedding photography package and why it’s beneficial.  Many wedding photographers offer the option to add a second wedding photographer to your wedding coverage, some only offer packages with two photographers. I offer this service as an add-on for either a half or a whole day. This gives you the option if you want just the bride and groom’s preparations and ceremony covered by two photographers or alternatively you can have two photographers covering all of your wedding day to capture many great spontaneous moments as they happen.

There are a number of advantages and reasons why people have two photographers. Firstly if you want the bride and groom’s preparations covered, having two photographers makes this possible, guaranteeing no moments to be missed.  This can really add to the story of your day and allow both the bride and groom to see how each other’s morning unfolded. You will get all the groom’s preparations and see what the men got up to in the morning without missing any of the beautiful bridal preparations, those detail shots and natural moments.

Why Have Two Wedding Photographers?
Why Have Two Wedding Photographers?

Another reason people have two photographers is that they really love informal documentary style photographs. There are times in a wedding day where formal photographs are being taken and without a second photographer, there will be some beautiful spontaneous moments missed. Whereas, if you have two photographers, whilst one photographer is taking your formal family photographs the other can continue taking those reportage shots that can be so special when looking back at your wedding photos.

The photographer’s perspective of the day is such a beautiful thing, seeing your wedding from a different point of view can be fun and refreshing. Having two photographers gives you two perspectives, they may notice different moments happening and capture aspects in different ways.

Having two photographers/two cameras capturing two perspectives more than doubles your return when it comes to moments captured. But if you can’t stretch to the cost of two photographers – my advice is to engage and book with a photographer who can balance both those posed photos with those natural moments that really capture the essence of your personalities, your story, your wedding.