So you’re engaged and the wedding planning has begun! It’s a job to know where to start but the big decision to make before looking at the finer details of the day is choosing a wedding venue. My advice? Start with working out what’s most important to you and your spouse-to-be; some aspects will override others and this will help you to lay the foundations of what your wedding will look like.  For example, the number of guests you would like to invite may help to narrow down your venue options; or the venue you have your heart set on may narrow down who you want to invite! Working out your priorities is key and will help each decision along the way. Stick to what feels important to you and your spouse-to-be and remember that it is YOUR wedding day.

Choosing A Wedding Venue

The choosing of the venue is a fundamental part of the wedding planning. It will often weigh into the theme, the size of the wedding, catering options and ultimately how many other wedding services are needed. There are endless options for a ceremony location, however, legal restrictions do apply so do your research as to whether you would need to officialise your marriage in a registry office before your big day.

One option is to have one venue for your whole day however you could also have different venues for each part of your wedding, changing between the ceremony and wedding breakfast and then perhaps a third venue for the evening. It really is up to you but there are a few things to consider like; the distance and time needed for travelling between venues and other details such as cost and the setting up of each venue.

Choosing A Wedding Venue
Choosing A Wedding Venue

An important aspect in deciding on venue is working out how much you and your spouse want to have to sort out at each venue. Do you want the venue to be in control of the layout of the room, the way the food is served, the food itself, the timings? This can be amazing and save a lot of decisions, organisation and time, but it can also be restricting and cause a lack of those personal touches you might want. The other end of the scale is choosing a venue that simply offers a blank canvas where you hire the venue space and sort all the other components separately. This obviously involves a lot more decision making, work and time, but can enable you to create your individual vision, filled with your ideas and personal touches.

Financially, it’s hard to say which option will cost more; sometimes an all-inclusive wedding package will mean you save money, however sorting details yourself means you can research different prices and find a multitude of options that could help reduce costs.

So there are definitely pros and cons to both options. Don’t be afraid to mention your own ideas to the vendor alongside their packages as they may be able to tweak and edit what they offer. Bespoke packages are often available or certain parts of a venue’s package could be changed to give you a middle ground of having some of your day planned and sorted for you alongside some personal touches or quirky, individual ideas.

Finally, remember to have fun with the planning! It really can be YOUR day and it should be! So make sure you and your spouse-to-be follow your hearts on what you want your day to look like and stick to those priorities of what’s important to you.