We’re heading into the summer months and that means the height of wedding season. Although many more couples are choosing to get married in alternate seasons, Summer still seems to win out when it comes to setting a date for the big day. It means there is more choice regarding the type of venue, and the opportunity to plan either outside or inside activities…or that’s the ideal anyway. The problem being is that UK Summers don’t always stand up to the dream of a bright, sunny, dry day!

So even if your heart is set on a glorious summer wedding complete with outside photos, alfresco dining and an evening of your guests dancing in the setting sun, it’s probably best to have a plan B as well. I’m all for positive thinking but when it comes down to it sadly you just never know what the weather will do on the day. So my advice; plan a backup day that you’re just as happy with (or as happy as you can be!).

Devon Wedding Planning | Weather | Devon Wedding Photographer
Devon Wedding Planning | Weather | Devon Wedding Photographer

Plan B could mean completely different options to suit a rainy day, or it could just mean slight alterations to your original plans.

For example, outside photos after the ceremony at your church or venue of choice may feature in Plan A, so Plan B could simply be making sure you have large umbrellas available; it might not sound ideal but they can actually make for some real cute photographs beaming with character.

Devon Wedding Planning | Weather | Devon Wedding Photographer

Another option is to check out the church or venue before and find somewhere inside that you don’t mind having as a backdrop to your photos.

A final option I’d offer is one that featured in my wedding – it was January so we definitely needed a wet weather option for photos, which led us to plan in a visit to an amazing fireplace at a friend’s house! It was on the way to the reception venue and enabled Will and I to achieve some gorgeous couple portraits despite the wet and windy weather. It might not be ideal for those large group photos but try and think outside the box to ensure you achieve the photos you want whatever the weather.

Each wedding will vary as to what parts are outside or inside, you may need to factor in your transport options,  wedding breakfast plans, or your evening activities too. It’s important to find that balance of preparing for the weather possibilities but not becoming consumed with worry. Have that plan B ready so that things can run smoothly whatever the weather!

After all that being said; your wedding is about the commitment between you and your spouse and your friends and family celebrating in that, so plan what you can but don’t lose sight of what’s really important about the day, whatever the weather!