Katie and Tommy's coastal celebration. Picture this: St Petrox Church, Dartmouth and Start Bay Weddings for the afternoon reception, with the sun beaming down like it's on a mission to make every moment unforgettable.

So, the day kicks off with Katie and Tommy saying their 'I dos' in the stunning St Petrox Church. Sunlight pours in through the stained glass windows, painting everything in a warm, golden hue.

After they said their vows at the picturesque St Petrox Church, Dartmouth, the newlyweds embarked on a boat ride up the Dart Estuary. But here's where it gets truly magical—several other boats decided to follow suit, creating a awesome flotilla as they sailed along. The sound of horns filled the air, and onlookers cheered and waved from the banks of the estuary. It was a scene straight out of a romance film, and I was there to capture every breathtaking moment, feeling incredibly lucky to witness such pure happiness.

Fast forward to Start Bay Weddings, where the party kicks into high gear. There's a morris dancing group keeping everyone entertained while they sip drinks and soak up the sunshine. And me? Well, I'm darting around, capturing shots of laughter and love like it's nobody's business.

Let's talk about the speeches. From the best men to the maid of honor, and even Katie's dad, the speeches were fantastic. It's moments like these that remind why I shoot weddings? Capturing those raw, heartfelt emotions—there's nothing quite like it.

And just when you think it can't get any better, Katie and Tommy hit the dance floor for their first dance. With the sun setting behind them, casting this dreamy glow over everything, it's like something straight out of a fairy tale. And before you know it, everyone's joining in, and the dance floor becomes this whirlwind of joy and celebration.

As a wedding photographer, it's days like these that make it all worthwhile. Katie and Tommy's wedding was a love-filled adventure from start to finish, and I'm just grateful I got to be a part of it. Here's to a lifetime of happiness for the happy couple. Cheers to love, laughter, and living happily ever after!

Venue: Start Bay Weddings

Devon Wedding Photography

Will Reddaway is a Devon wedding photographer, He loves capturing images that tell an authentic story and capture the raw emotions of a wedding day. He loves photographing people out in pumping surf, on their wedding day and in beautiful locations across the Southwest.
Devon Wedding Photographer, Will Reddaway is a documentary wedding photographer based in Devon. Telling your wedding day story in a truly authentic way.
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