I sh I shoot a lot of weddings at Rockbeare Manor – probably about three or four per year: that’s nearly 10% of my weddings a year at one venue. But this Rockbeare Manor Wedding was still so fun and had a really unique feel to it, like they all seem to do!

You can look at wedding photography in two ways: one is to think “Every wedding is still a wedding, so essentially very similar to all my other work days”, or you can choose to think of it how I do: Each wedding is so wildly different because of the people, the events of that day and the things we can’t control [like the weather or the wedding car breaking down]. I love weddings and yes there are some things that are fairly similar about most of them: I could probably lead a marriage ceremony in my sleep because I know the words for both church and civil ceremonies off by heart after so long. But each wedding has such a unique makeup of guests and some family and friends really do embrace us as wedding photographers into their wedding party and those weddings for me are the most fun!

Nicola and Marc’s friends and family were great and made the day that bit more enjoyable for me. The biggest draw to being a wedding photographer for me is the people. I love people: interacting with them and photographing them. I have never really been much of a landscape photographer and if you take me on a walk or an outing with my camera I can guarantee you, I will take photos of the people with me more than the scenery

This blog falls at a funny time; I am writing this on New Years Eve and as we step into 2020 I will hit my tenth year as a wedding photographer. I can’t believe my first wedding was in 2010 at 17 years old – a decade ago! Still after ten years I am loving weddings. Things have changed a lot for me; I have grown as a photographer and my style has changed too. But my love for it? That’s still there! In this new decade I am changing my approach to weddings. For the last four years I have been doing between 30-40 weddings a year, but in 2020 I am capping that at 25. I want to be able to give my couples more: more attention, more time, more of an experience.

This Rockbeare Manor wedding was a blast! I am sure my next Rockbeare Manor wedding will be too. But for me, it isn’t about the venue, it’s about the people. Nicola, Marc and their guests made this wedding day for me. It was a pleasure to photograph their wedding day as it has been photographing all my couples’ weddings over the last ten years!

See you all in 2020 to kick some more arse!

Venue & Vendors

Rockbeare Manor
Wedding Dress – TL Bridal Boutique, Taunton
Florist – Poppy’s Flower Studio
Cake – Claire Makes Cakes
Videographer – Focused Memory Productions
DJ – Dizzy Feet Events