I shared this wedding planning tip video on my social media channels this week. Here are just a few more thoughts on your bridal preparations that might aid with your planning.

One of the things a lot of couples like to do is add a guestbook to their wedding day. It’s not only a great place for your family and friends to write messages of love and support, but provides a beautiful memento for you to look back at. For some people though, a traditional guestbook isn’t quite right for them. I’ve seen some great alternatives which still allow your guests to write their messages but also provides something unique for you to take home.

There have been surfboards, skateboard decks, beautiful pieces of oak and big initials. You can pick an object that represents something in your relationship, or just something quirky that you both think would look great in your home. I love how couples have chosen all sorts of objects to have signed at their wedding. It can work really well to place this object right at the door as guests are walking in to your reception area, provide some pens and let your friends and family scribble away for an ever-lasting reminder of your big day.

Take the time to think about what you will want to do with the object afterwards: do you want to hang it on the wall? Whereabouts in the house will it live? You may need to look at preserving it in some way, so that it can be a lasting remind to you both of your awesome wedding day.