I shared this wedding planning tip video on my social media channels this week. Here are just a few more thoughts on your bridal preparations that might aid with your planning.

The morning of your wedding day can pass by in such a blur. After months of planning and organising it can be difficult to let go and just enjoy it. But it’s your big day, and after all that hard work you’ve put in, you should be able to savour every second – and that includes the bridal preparations.

While this part of the day may not have been the biggest focus for you while you planned your wedding, the anticipation and the excitement as the bridal party gets ready is something you will want to remember.

That’s where I come in. Whether it’s a small, peaceful setting with your closest friends and family, or a huge group buzzing with excited chaos and champagne, I love capturing the moments that make this time special.

Some of my favourite photos are those captured before the rush of the main event: the bride’s nervous face as she has her hair done, the look on your parents’ faces as they see you for the first time, or the best man helping the groom with his tie.

Even small things that you don’t usually stop to notice, like the dresses hanging up, the shoes by the door and the excitement on your bridesmaids’ faces.

As a photographer, capturing these aspects of the bridal preparations can be one of the trickiest parts of the day. I want you to almost forget that I’m there but also trust that I’m capturing every special moment so that you can spend the time with those people that matter the most to you and not worry.

That’s why one of my big tips for your wedding day is to pick a room that allows that to happen.

You might be at home, you might be at your parents’ or a friend’s house, or you could be at the venue – but if you have the ability to choose the space where you and your party get ready, I’d say make sure it’s both spacious and light.

A light and spacious room allows me to move around without intruding on this special and intimate part of your day, and ensure the moments I capture are bright and clear, ready for you to look back on for the rest of your lives.

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