May 30, 2024

Alice & Ed | Seahorse Cantina Dartmouth | Devon Wedding

Alice and Ed’s Intimate Totnes Wedding: A Day of Love, Laughter, and Culinary Delights

Alice and Ed’s wedding was the epitome of intimacy and elegance, capturing the true essence of love shared with close friends and family. Their journey began at the charming registry office in Totnes, where they exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony. The small gathering allowed for a personal and deeply touching experience, where every smile and tear was shared among those who matter most.

After the ceremony, the celebration moved to the beautiful town of Dartmouth, where Alice and Ed enjoyed a delectable meal at the renowned Seahorse Cantina Dartmouth Restaurant. The ambiance of the restaurant was perfect for their special day, providing an intimate setting that allowed them to savor not only the exquisite seafood but also the precious moments together. The open kitchen at the Seahorse Cantina Dartmouth offered a glimpse into the culinary artistry of their private chef, adding a unique touch to their dining experience. It was a delightful feast of fresh, flavorful seafood, complemented by the warmth of good company and the clinking of glasses in celebration.

As the sun set, the newlyweds and their guests made their way to a stunning house in Newton Ferrers, situated right by the water. The evening was a continuation of the day’s relaxed and joyous atmosphere, as friends gathered for a cheese and wine night. The serene waterfront location provided a picturesque backdrop for the evening’s festivities. Informal speeches were made, laughter filled the air, and the simplicity of the celebration highlighted the couple’s genuine connection and love for one another.

Alice and Ed’s wedding was a beautiful testament to the idea that sometimes, less is more. The simplicity and intimacy of their day allowed them to focus on what truly matters: each other and the loved ones who surrounded them. It was an honor to capture the essence of their love and the beauty of their special day. Congratulations to Alice and Ed – may your lives together be as joyful and heartwarming as your wedding day.

Seahorse Cantina Dartmouth

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Will Reddaway is a Devon wedding photographer, He loves capturing images that tell an authentic story and capture the raw emotions of a wedding day. He loves photographing people out in pumping surf, on their wedding day and in beautiful locations across the Southwest.
Devon Wedding Photographer, Will Reddaway is a documentary wedding photographer based in Devon. Telling your wedding day story in a truly authentic way.
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